Saturday, August 1, 2009

July = Summer Fun!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

JUNE.. all caught up!



Soo Interactive!


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The Three Famous Faces:

The Scowl

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Mommys 20th Birthday!


Lots of visitors...

Lots of sleep...
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Home sweet home!

We left grandma's house to brave the world!

(At the other grandma's house :D )

Back to the hospital


Where to begin.

About a week after we got baby Peyton home Mommy started to notice a few things that seemed a little off. He had been sleeping LONG periods of time between feedings, spitting up across the room, and finally a high fever.
We decided to take him in to see his pediatrician and they told us it was probably just a cold and they would take some blood and urine to make sure that was it.
By the time we got the urine sample it was clear (or not so clear)that he had gotten a bladder infection. :( POOR BOY!
You would think no problem, right?
They told us that we needed to drive straight to the hospital and admit him for IV-antibiotics. It was so sad to know that he would have to go through all this when he was SOO little! We could hardly watch anything they did.
A few days into our stay the doctors at the hospital came in with some even worse news. Unfortunately the bacteria had entered into his bloodstream which can ultimately lead to kidney failure or other more harmful blood diseases.
We didn't quite know what to think. It was so difficult to see little Peyton suffer so much when he had only lived a few days.. so hard to justify why it would be happening to him.

A hospital visit that was supposed to be a couple days soon turned into five, then a week, ten days..
They did end up letting us go home on day eight, but Peyton had an IV stuck in his head and we had to keep a hat on it. The nurse had told us that we had to finish a ten day IV-antibiotic just to make sure it was really kicked in the bum.
We were so happy when it was all over. The only doctor visits since then have been planned check-ups, shots, etc.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Peyton Wesley Campbell

8.04 lbs
20.5 inches